Motherhood Is Easy

We’ve discussed the Fake Mommies and we’ve talked about the SAHM debate. It seems that many of you, no matter what path your own journey of motherhood takes, understand that being a mother is hard, often filled with guilt and the sense that there just isn’t enough time.

Rebekah Hunter Scott’s book, Motherhood is Easy…as long as you have nothing else to do for the next 50 years… is a humorous and refreshing take on just that.

Sometimes, in the face of the Mommy guilt, the sense of time slipping away and all-too-common feelings of inadequacy that can surface, it really helps to sit back and laugh. Scott’s book had me laughing from the introduction, and the laughs didn’t stop there; I devoured this book like it was a box of chocolates, frequently putting it down only to laugh so hard I scared a cat out of my lap.

Motherhood is Easy… has Scott taking lighthearted look at motherhood, from the early days of sleep deprivation, to learning that sometimes, “Because I said so”, is an adequate answer to your questioning toddler.

Included is actually some pretty good advice as well. Avoiding the mommy haircut, for example, may just save some new moms from taking the scissors to their own heads. Add in a so-true-you-have-to-laugh description of Super Daddy arriving home at the end of the day, and nearly every mom will find something to relate to in here.

While most veteran mothers will find something to relate to and laugh at, the people who should read this book are those new and expecting moms who need to learn that it’s OK to have those thoughts, and even more importantly, it’s OK to laugh at them.

So get yourself a glass of wine (white so you don’t stain the carpet when you slosh it over the side of glass laughing) and crack open Rebekah Hunter Scott’s Motherhood is Easy…as long as you have nothing else to do for the next 50 years… and find yourself looking at your own parenthood journey in a new, and better, light.