CBD For Anxiety In New Mothers

While CBD is known to be both a great anti inflammatory, it also is known for it’s efficacy in reducing anxiety, especially non-descriptive general anxiety. I’ve been using it for a few years now and I can say without a doubt, it reduces my anxiety levels very effectively. And if you are like me, then one of the biggest problems with anxiety (and being a new mother) is the fact that mothers already have a lack of sleep just from being a mom. So anxiety is going to make it even more difficult to get a true natural sleep. That is where CBD comes in. It is amazing for both reducing anxiety and calming the body enough to promote deep, restful sleep.

And I’m not alone, check out what others are saying about CBD for anxiety and sleep:

Now, obviously, everyone’s experience will be different and you should consult with a physician prior to changing anything related to your health, but the jury’s been out and has come back with a verdict on CBD, and the verdict is, CBD is amazing for anxiety.

Don’t believe me, then check out what top medical professionals are saying about CBD over at Women’s Health Mag and then formulate your own opinion!

Remember though, like anything, you get what you pay for. So if you are looking to add high quality CBD to your health and fitness regiment, then I suggest you check out one of our top rated CBD suppliers below.

Konscious Keto’s Simple Keto System

What Is The Keto Diet?

The Keto Diet Plan is a reduced carbohydrate, high fat, moderate protein diet. When people eat as defined by this plan, your metabolic process changes to burning kept body fat for use as energy.

The keto diet plan has been revealed to minimize and support blood sugar, bring back insulin levels and cause weight reduction. The keto diet plan works for many individuals who have not had success losing weight in the past.

You can take the Simple Keto System quiz to see if you qualify for a customized keto meal plan here: SimpleKetoSystem.com

konscious simple keto system

How The Keto Diet Plan Works

When ketone bodies accumulate in the blood, this is called ketosis. Advocates of the ketogenic diet state that if the diet plan is thoroughly followed, blood levels of ketones need to not reach a damaging level (known as “ketoacidosis”) as the brain will use ketones for energy, and strong individuals will typically produce sufficient insulin to avoid too many ketones from being created. How soon ketosis happens and the number of ketones that collect in the blood is variable from person to individual and depends on factors including fat portion and resting metabolic rate.

The premise of the ketogenic diet plan for weight reduction is that if you deny the body of glucose– the main source of energy for all cells in the body, which is gotten by eating carbohydrate rich meals, an body created fuel called ketones is produced in the liver (therefore, the term keto). The body needs the most glucose in a stable supply, about 120 grams daily, since it can not store glucose. When extremely little carbohydrate is consumed, the body first processes saved sugar from in the liver and temporarily breaks down muscle to release glucose. If this continues for 3-4 days and kept glucose is totally depleted, blood levels of a hormonal agent called insulin decrease, and starts to use fat as its primary fuel. The body produces ketone’s from fat, which can be used in the lack of glucose.

You can ensure that you are getting the proper nutrients to allow your body to enter ketosis by following the simple keto system from koncious: http://getkonsciousketo.com/

Clinical Advantages Of The Keto Diet

Keto works by reprogramming your genes into a state of metabolic efficiency. Due to the fact that of your level of day-to-day activity nevertheless, we would suggest being rather versatile with carbohydrate intake.

You may discover EXTREMELY quickly some favorable transformations begin to take place, as your body becomes leaner, sexier and more youthful in look.

Those annoying food yearnings will begin to disappear as keto suppresses ghrelin, the hunger hormonal agent. Your psychological focus and awareness may begin to improve, as your metabolism shifts from using glucose to ketones as its main fuel.

konscious simple keto system

What Are Some Examples Of The Keto Diet Plan?

There is not one standard Ketogenic Diet plan with a specific ratio of nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fat). The exact amount of proteins consumed during the ketogenic diet is kept rather low when compared to other similar low carb diets. Some acids in most protein are transformed to glucose, so a ketogenic diet plan defines enough protein to preserve firm body mass consisting of muscle, however that will still trigger ketosis.

Lots of variations of ketogenic diet plans exist, but all restriction carb-rich foods. Many ketogenic plans enable foods high in saturated fat, such as fatty cuts of meat as well as unsaturated fats, such as plant oils.

When you choose to go Keto, you can begin checking out all the tasty snacks, suppers, and desserts that are coming your method. You can certainly get started with Keto by replacing one meal a day with the Konscious Keto Shake which is both delicious and ensures that your body can enter ketosis most effectively.

Typical Adverse Effects Of The Keto Diet plan:

While in ketosis, people on the Keto Diet will experience increased weight reduction consisting of a reduced belly, increased healthy energy and an improvement in overall focus.

Some Keto Diet Plan Tips

Be sure to consume Lots of Water: the keto diet will flush out your system, and you need to replace this water loss with additional hydration to enjoy the benefits. I suggest using these low-cost ketone testing strips in the first couple of weeks, just to see if your body is producing ketones.

The best part about keto is that it works, with or without fasting, and I want you to consume all of your delicious meals guilt-free to actually appreciate your keto experience. Just focus on decreasing your carbohydrates and provide your very first recipe a shot. We know you’ll end up being a keto believer as soon as you taste how amazing and tasty your custom-made recipes are, they’re almost too excellent to be real!

konscious simple keto system

The PE Bible Review- What I Think Of This Penis Enlargement Book

So there is a product out there called the Penis Enlargement Bible which claims to naturally increase the size of the male penis. It does this using all natural stretching and a change in diet to help increase blood flow.

At first I was skeptical, but the more I looked into it, the more I realized it just makes sense and this PE Bible product is real.  I mean, think about yourself.

Penis size really is dictated by two simple factors.

  1. The amount of blood that is available to fill up the penis.
  2. The size of the chambers inside the penis that can be filled with blood.

That is it.  It’s that easy… really.

If you can increase the size of the chambers that fill up with blood – and you can increase the blood flow, it goes to reason that the penis will be larger when aroused.  That is the magic of the Penis Enlargement Bible from John Collins.  He shows you the easiest way to accomplish both of these without surgery or pills.

Think about how amazing it will be for you and your partner when you are able to share a large, fully erect penis that is much larger than usual.  What a great present for both of you!

Watch this video: https://youtu.be/MgoVLlkoRV4

So if you are at all curious about finding a natural way to enhance the size of your penis, then I would recommend that you check out the Penis Enlargement Bible, it will help for sure.

And the best part is the PE Bible comes with John Collins no questions asked, 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee.  If for any reason within 60 days you are not satisfied, just email John and he will ensure you get 100% of your investment back.

You literally have nothing to lose and a few inches to gain!

Also, remember that even if everything is working correctly, proper diet and exercise are also important for maintaining a healthy libido.

So get out there and enjoy your new, larger, more fun penis.

Erect on Demand My Real Peruvian Brew Results

Earlier I wrote this Peruvian Brew post sharing what we think about the Erect on Demand formula.

I wanted to update it with more of my experience with it. I am a firm believer that the ingredients work very well. Within about 15 minutes of taking it, my man is ready to go.

I also found this unbiased opinion on this site: http://www.peruvianbrew.org/ and he also talks a little bit about Erect on Demand here: http://www.peruvianbrew.org/erect-demand-peruvian-brew-cure-ed/.

Here is another video I found from the same guy with his walkthrough of the product:

This brew has helped thousands of guys around the world, and I’ve seen it work first hand and love the outcome.

My man loves, I love and I bet you would also love it.

How Peruvian Brew Can Help Your Man

If your man is over 40 and experiencing any form of erectile dysfunction then you have a number of options.

couple with peruvian brew

1. There are many supplements that are produced to increase blood flow and it will help men get erections. There are many commercials on TV that showcase these products.

2. There are also some mental exercise guys can do to help them get over any mental issues that may be causing the issue.

3. There are a lot of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals that have been used over time to help with blood flow and sensitivity issues.

Watch this video to find out more about these types of natural solutions:

Be sure to take a moment and watch this Peruvian Brew to find out more about the concoction that was found in the Jungles of Peru.

How I Got My Lean Belly Back

I recently posted about what new mom’s should be eating to make sure that they have all the proper nutrients that help them during breastfeeding. You also need to eat properly so that your body can return to normal.

diet-exerciseSo what happens after a year or so and you still haven’t lost your baby fat? Well that is where this post comes in. I found that if you don’t at least do some sort of exercise and diet, it takes most women a really, really long time to recover their pre-baby body.

Now there are a lot of people out there with all sorts of ideas and crazy workouts and diets, but I wanted one that was easy to stay committed to, and also would produce results for people who are not fitness fanatics.

I stumbled across this video for Lean Belly Breakthrough review and despite the short length, it piqued my interest in what it had to offer.

Well, I took a chance and got it and started doing what it recommends. I figured I would try it for a month, and if nothing happened I would be able to at least said I tried. And it was pretty easy to get started, so I really had no excuses.

Well, here it is about a month later, and I am glad I tried it. It wasn’t quite as easy as it claimed, I mean losing 1 pound a day is pretty optimistic, but it did work. So while I didn’t lose 30 pounds, I did lose about 12 pounds, which is great for me. I don’t feel like I missed out on the foods I enjoy, I didn’t spend hours working out at the gym, but I did get more in shape and I can see my figure coming back.

So thank you to whoever made that video.. It inspired me to get started.

Foods That New Mothers Should Eat To Help Keep Their Mind Healthy

Let’s be honest. Becoming a new mother is probably one of the finer moments in life, as you fall in love with your precious little one and watch as he or she quickly develops into a wonderful little person. There’s a lot going on as you get comfortable with your new role, and even the foods you eat determine how well you’ll adjust to the very busy demands of motherhood. Feelings of strength and stamina are two essentials needed when caring for a newborn. Focus and concentration are also overlooked, but as important.

healthy-brain-foodIf you are breastfeeding as many new moms decide to do, then your diet becomes even that more important, especially to your own body. The experts have found that even if the nursing mother is not eating properly, her breast milk is still meeting the baby’s nutritional requirements. However, you can easily feel wiped out or depleted.

The good news, is that breastfeeding creates more hunger in a new mother, but what you put into your body should matter. Dietitians advise that nursing mothers eat several smaller meals a day, adding in a few healthy snacks to keep energy levels at a higher rate. It is unwise for a breastfeeding mother to skip meals to try and lose weight, because this action could diminish her milk supply.

The food experts suggest that plenty of water is the key to a healthy body and that drinking caffeinated beverages like coffee, sodas and teas should be limited. No more than three cups a day is advised, because an excess of caffeine can end of in your breast milk.

A healthy mind needs the proper physical nourishment to operate at the right level. Fattening, sugary snacks do nothing significant for the brain. Instead, a new mother should enjoy apples or some nuts like walnuts and seeds. For example, sunflower seeds are a super choice, because they contain fiber, as well as folic acid and can be tossed into salads, eaten by the handful or added to muffins when baking, etc. Plus, nuts and seeds contain omega 3swhich are excellent for concentration. Olive oil, wild salmon and avocado also contain this healthy fat that zaps brain fog.

Dietary pros also recommend getting in at least one fruit and vegetable at each meal, because these are loaded with vitamins and minerals and actually help with memory. Consider this also when eating beets. Their natural nitrates actually increase blood flow to the brain, helping with mental performance. A blueberry smoothie is one way to whip up a healthy snack with ingredients that provide lots of good nutrition and protects the brain from stress.

Foods that are iron-rich also give a new mother added pep during her busy schedule, creating a dose of good brain power. Lean proteins like steak and chicken provide that energy boost along with beans, greens and the super-food kale. Iron-healthy foods eliminate cranky, tired feelings.

Try adding a little turmeric powder to your cooking. The bright orange-yellow spice has been popular in the daily diet of southeast Asians for generations now. It’s an anti-inflammatory, keeps the immune system healthy and boosts your brain’s oxygen intake, keeping you alert and able to process information.

It’s okay to have an occasional glass of wine. Just remember, balance is key for new mothers.

Why You Need A Good Nights Sleep

Sleep deprivation seems to go hand in hand with becoming a mother. It seems that the day you welcome your beautiful bundle of joy, you also say goodbye to a full night of sleep.

Our sleep deprivation though, seems to follow us moms well beyond the newborn stage. We are vigilant about our children getting the sleep they need, but end up putting our own sleep needs on the back burner. We want to do it all. Not to say that we can’t, but we would be so much better with a solid night of sleep behind us.

Most of us know this. I know this and yet I am probably one of the worst offenders of staying up late to relax, organize, write and blog. It is so tempting. The house is quiet. I can actually hear myself think.

Well if you are anything like me, sometimes you just need a friendly little reminder to nudge you into action. It’s time to start making sleep a priority and here’s why.

What Sleep Deprivation Does to our Bodies

The immediate effects of sleep deprivation are daytime drowsiness, decreased concentration, mood swings and low patience. These things we know, we feel them the morning after a less than optimal night of rest.

  • Leaves us prone to Type 2 Diabetes and obesity: ongoing sleep deprivation can affect our metabolism and not in a good way.
  • Can make us depressed. The link between depression and sleep deprivation are intertwined and can create a vicious cycle.
  • Decreases our immune function and leaves us prone to illnesses.
  • Decreases our life span.
  • Makes us look older: a recent study revealed that getting our beauty sleep is no myth. Apparently, our lack of sleep shows up on our faces and makes us less attractive.

Well those are just a few untoward effects of sleep deprivation, and I think they are reason enough to hit the sack early, don’t you?

Need help falling asleep? Here are some sleep hygiene tips:

Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Finding your own magic number is key and should be based on how you feel the next morning. I think 7 hours is ideal for me but I rarely clock that in. I hope to change that.

  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. I know, I know, this is much easier said than done.
  • Make your bedroom a place of calm and keep it clutter free.
  • Get daily physical exercise, but not too close to bed time.
  • Avoid large meals too close to bed time.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoke, and caffeine before bed. These have been shown to interrupt your sleep cycle.

Here’s hoping we all get our beauty sleep tonight. Sweet Dreams.

Do you get the sleep you need? If not, are you going to make a change?

Motherhood Is Easy

We’ve discussed the Fake Mommies and we’ve talked about the SAHM debate. It seems that many of you, no matter what path your own journey of motherhood takes, understand that being a mother is hard, often filled with guilt and the sense that there just isn’t enough time.

Rebekah Hunter Scott’s book, Motherhood is Easy…as long as you have nothing else to do for the next 50 years… is a humorous and refreshing take on just that.

Sometimes, in the face of the Mommy guilt, the sense of time slipping away and all-too-common feelings of inadequacy that can surface, it really helps to sit back and laugh. Scott’s book had me laughing from the introduction, and the laughs didn’t stop there; I devoured this book like it was a box of chocolates, frequently putting it down only to laugh so hard I scared a cat out of my lap.

Motherhood is Easy… has Scott taking lighthearted look at motherhood, from the early days of sleep deprivation, to learning that sometimes, “Because I said so”, is an adequate answer to your questioning toddler.

Included is actually some pretty good advice as well. Avoiding the mommy haircut, for example, may just save some new moms from taking the scissors to their own heads. Add in a so-true-you-have-to-laugh description of Super Daddy arriving home at the end of the day, and nearly every mom will find something to relate to in here.

While most veteran mothers will find something to relate to and laugh at, the people who should read this book are those new and expecting moms who need to learn that it’s OK to have those thoughts, and even more importantly, it’s OK to laugh at them.

So get yourself a glass of wine (white so you don’t stain the carpet when you slosh it over the side of glass laughing) and crack open Rebekah Hunter Scott’s Motherhood is Easy…as long as you have nothing else to do for the next 50 years… and find yourself looking at your own parenthood journey in a new, and better, light.

On Having A Techie Toddler

My toddler loves technology. I know conventional wisdom says that we must keep our children away from too much television and computer time, but I beg to differ.  My SmartPhone is my toddler’s favorite toy.  Talking on Skype keeps him in touch with both sets of grandparents, who happen to live in opposite corners of the globe.  (Literally.  They live 12 time zones apart.) We love watching Curious George on PBS during breakfast. Oh, and I just bought my little one an $8 Buzz Lightyear “laptop,” which he absolutely adores.  (Did I mention this new MacBook look-alike buys me 5 minutes to answer my email? It’s glorious.)

I do understand that little ones shouldn’t be glued to the TV or to video games. In fact, I only let Paolo watch a few select programs on PBS during the week and Baby Einstein videos. (Currently we have been watching the farm video in Spanish; Paolo loves the cow sock puppet.  He thinks it’s absolutely hilarious.) Other than that, he’s not really allowed to watch anything else on television, and at 15 months he is clearly too little for video games. (I’ll have to tackle that when the time comes.)

At the same time, in this day and age, technology is a part of our lives, and teaching moderation is an important lesson.  Without Skype, Paolo would barely know his grandparents. With one set in southern Italy, the other in Hawaii and us in the Midwest, video chat has been an absolute lifesaver.  Not only does he know his relatives’ names, faces and voices, his Italian language skills are reinforced by chatting with his nonni in Italy.

I’ve read some articles condemning parents for letting their children play on their SmartPhones, saying the screens are the same as watching TV. But Paolo loves to play with mine; he pretends to make phone calls and babbles away into the receiver. He laughs and laughs, and make-believes that it’s for me, passing the phone my way to play along with him. And it keeps him happy and busy during errands or in the car. As a mom, what more could I ask for from a SmartPhone?

When it comes to toddlers and technology, I say moderation is key.